About Express Data

•   Express Data was incorporated on October 1, 1996.
•   Express Data New Zealand’s head office is in Mt Wellington, Auckland.
•   There are branch offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
•   Express Data represents leading technology vendors.
•   Express Data New Zealand is a fully owned subsidiary of Express Data Holdings
     Pty Ltd.
•   Express Data Holdings Pty Ltd is now owned by Dicker Data Ltd.


Our History

Express Data was incorporated on October 1, 1996. At this stage we had 150 staff working towards growing the ANZ IT channel. This was a turning point in the business’s history but not the beginning of it. In 1988 a company known as Com Tech came onto the scene. Founded by a gentleman named David Shein, Com Tech was unique in terms of its business objectives as a distributor. In the early days of IT almost no notable IT companies had representation in ANZ. Aiming to help vendors like Novell and IBM get into the local market, Shein fostered strong relationships with his international colleagues and began forging significant partnerships with a very young reseller market. At this stage of the industry’s evolution, it was clear to Shein that his company had to do more than shift boxes. He decided he would build the business around service.

With this philosophy, Com Tech grew significantly. Helping David steer Com Tech in the right direction were his brothers, John and Steven. This trio came together to change the IT channel in ANZ considerably.

As the market and the business began to grow in the mid to late 90s, Com Tech’s reputation grew and the Shein brothers decided that they had taken the business to a pivotal point where it was thriving and highly profitable but also very attractive for investors. In 1998, they sold the business to a global organisation, and Com Tech was renamed Express Data. Although the name changed the company’s values did not and service was still at the very forefront of Express Data’s offering.

Express Data New Zealand is a fully owned subsidiary of Express Data Holdings Pty Limited. Express Data Holdings Pty Limited is now owned by Dicker Data Ltd, (ASX:DDR) an Australian owned and operated distributor with over 35 years’ experience. The sale was completed on 31st March 2014 and included both the Australian and New Zealand operations of Express Data and Express Online.